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Letter from the Chairman

Let me first emphasize how honored I am to be asked to serve as the chairman of our Acacia Board of Directors at this exciting time in the history of Acacia.  We truly appreciate those of you sharing your time, your talents and your financial resources to bring the resurgence of Acacia to this point. Your faith and commitment in the reestablishment of Acacia at Kansas State University motivates all of us as we move to the next step in our collective effort.

The 2002 Acacia Summit gave us an exciting glimpse into the future opportunities a young man will experience through leadership programs of Acacia.  Our current Men of Acacia presented nearly 4 hours of programming of representative experiences which will be possible for every young man in our future Acacia program.

We remind ourselves today is the history of tomorrow!  The men participating in today's programs will look back at this time and remember their history much as all of us look back to our days in Acacia and remember those positive experiences in that time together.

Yes, conditions on campus have changed and the world is, in many respects, a different world.  Recent world events remind us the old future is gone.  Now, more than ever, it is imperative we draw upon our original principles of Acacia and the concept of leadership, morality and community service which formed the basis of so much of our fraternity history.  Now more than ever we must prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and have a greater influence in the affairs of the community in which we may reside, and to seek the truth, and in knowing it give light to those with whom we may be associated as we travel along life's pathways. That statement, on the lips of every Acacian, continues to serve even more dramatically as our future link to our roots.

A premise of the current vision is that we are all involved in a personal journey throughout our lifetime. During the past few months your Board of Directors and other volunteers have put in tremendous time and effort as we moved forward on several fronts.  The successful development of the $500,000+ financial campaign, the planning of the house renovation, the construction financing plan and commitments, and the critical task of starting recruitment for the future men of Acacia have been consuming challenges.  Always the task in front seems as though it will be the hardest and once it has been completed is replaced by another which often seems even more challenging.

Our Board of Directors sees three major areas of continuing challenges. We must continue to communicate to our Acacia brothers throughout the country regarding the status of our progress, we must complete the building construction process in preparation for arrival of our men in August and we must continue to build the recruitment process in order to identify and recruit young men whose goals and vision match Acacia.

We have several organizational challenges as well.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Continue to craft an effective committee structure which utilizes the talents of our brothers. We need to carefully plan the operational relationship between the officers in the house and the Board of Directors.  Prevailing thought from the analysis of other fraternities and our own history suggests a high priority must be placed on maintaining close, positive, supportive and open communication and organization between the senior men (alumni) and the men of Acacia (chapter members).

2. We need to carefully review our annual funding (i.e., dues, etc.) structure and consider how appropriately our current funding plan request fits the profile of our alumni base.  How can we broaden the participation of more alumni in our future support?

3. How do we insure the concept of our Acacia vision is identified in all aspects of our entire operation?  We must emphasize the "building exceptional lives" concept is an underlying element in everything we do and insure use of all resources will focus on our mission?

4. We need to create a "big picture rhythm" of how our Acacia operating year moves through its seasons and major events.  How do we tie our Acacia calendar into the current KSU culture and calendar?

5. We need to develop a greater sense of public communication to promote the Acacia leadership program and to insure the public media have an opportunity to advance our cause through reporting of our positive and successful leadership programs.

6. How do we make sure our mentoring program and our in-house leadership curriculum are successful?

7. And, following our experience at the recent Summit, several senior men have commented they want to have an opportunity to participate in the same kind and quality of leadership training experiences which we recognize are starting to develop for our men of Acacia.

These and many other challenges are in front of us.  Those of you not close to the current scene would be amazed at the cooperative leadership efforts of the brothers working on committees and our Board of Directors on these challenges.  For those of you unable to be participants because of distance, etc., I would encourage you to participate in a mentoring program.  Those brothers become finding themselves involved in that capacity with the young men of Acacia are starting to appreciate networking experiences which are rewarding in and of themselves.

Finally, a schedule of events and activities for the 2002-03 school year is taking shape and will be publicized in the near future, including through our new web site www.ksuacacia.org and other communications.  We hope all of you plan to find a way to view the results of the summer remodeling project and meet the men of Acacia this fall.  I believe you will find it to be interesting and rewarding!


Bill Riley
Acacia Board of Directors Chairman