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Tyler Fennema '06

Email: drmnrun@ksu.edu

Hometown: Abilene, KS

Major: Secondard Education

Activities / Honors:
  • Social Studies Education Club
  • Kansas State Cross Country Team
  • Kansas State Track Team
  • NHS
  • Cross Country, Track, Band, Choir, and Theater.

    Leadership Positions:
  • Social Chair
  • Jr. Dean

    Mission Statement:
    Service over self

    To become a man that I really want to say I was. To be a man guided by solid beliefs and morals taught by my father in heaven. I want to be a respectable man in all eyes, including my enemies. I want to love greatly. I want to take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps, and kill nothing but time. I want to be a man people look up to, someone who people can go, thatís who I want to be like, thatís the kind of guy I want to be. Thatís what I want to be. I want to be a man who serves the Lord, and serves others. I want to be a man who lives by Service Over Self (S.O.S.). I want to be a trusting man, one who trusts, and one who can be trusted. One who wants to take on others burdens for them, to help lighten their load. I want to be there for everyone, and anyone, at anytime, that is who I want to be. My mission: To serve others, and do it not for my glory, or for the glory of others, but for the glory of God.