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Something short about the types of members and the Acacia lifetime journey...

Men of Acacia Bios -
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Adelson, Cameron '08
Amthauer, Ryan '08
Becker, David '08
Becker, Dennis '09
Brant, John '10
Broeckelman, Andrew '09
Brunner, Brandon '09
Chambers, Derek '10
Connell, Christopher '08
Coover, Brad '08
Coover, Kyle '08
Dolezal, Christopher '09
Dorau, Cory '10
Engleman, Brett '09
Enns, Austin '09
Fennema, Tyler '06
Haynes, Robby '08
Keyes, Rocky '08
Kinney, Taylor '08
Knox, Tim '08
Koblitz, Blake '09
Langford, Zach '10
Lechtenberg, Nathan '10
Linn, Josh '08
Litch, Brandon '10
McHenry, Matthew '10
Moore, Brian '09
Neufeld, Josh '09
Null, Spencer '08
Oblinger, Tyler '09
Rigg, Aaron '08
Robillard, Taylor '10
Roemerman, Joshua '08
Scanlan, Shawn '07
Schmidt, Jacob '09
Seaman, Zachary '08
Shrader, Trent '09
Simmons, Keith '10
Tierney, Brian '09
Trachsel, Forrest '10
Zimmerman, Chris '10

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