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Acacia, founded in 1913, remains one of the oldest Greek houses in operation at K-State. With more than 1,100 K-State members, Acacia has influenced the lives of men by cultivating lasting friendships and experiences.

Acacia has deep roots as a premier organization at K-State. As an example of exemplary leadership at K-State, Acacia members Seaton, Willard, Waters, Ford and Bushnell have been honored on campus with buildings in recognition of their achievement. In addition, Acacians have represented Kansans in political offices including senators and governors, led international businesses and coached Division I football teams.

In 1999, more than 75 Senior Men from around the country revived their commitment to Acacia. They looked to revitalize the innovative student organization for the 21st century by setting priorities in leadership, scholarship and personal growth. In the spring of 2001, four K-State students guided Acacia to what it is today – a vision of high standards in serving others, learning about leadership and forming life-long friendships.

As new students join our growing organization, Acacia gains momentum as a dynamic, value-adding organization encouraging and equipping students to meet their fullest potential. We hope you’ll find a way to contribute to the Acacia story.