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CORE Leadership Series

Acacia’s in-house leadership curriculum, the CORE Leadership Series, provides a foundation for life-long leadership skills. CORE stands for Coordinated Opportunities Resulting in Excellence and it teaches leadership to our men both for their time at K-State and their lives beyond college.

As a skill, leadership can be taught to others who willingly accept the lessons. Ranging from topics of communication to teambuilding, members apply personal experiences to bring leadership to practical life.

Enhancing and improving leadership abilities in members is a priority in the series. Designed to compliment the Department of Leadership Studies and Programs, this curriculum has the following highlights:

  • A text study of “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” facilitated by a leadership director and supported with video and audio from John Maxwell
  • Tuition scholarships for students enrolled in Introduction to Leadership Concepts, the first class offered in K-State’s leadership minor
  • Practicum experience for all members with direct, hands-on learning to internalize the concepts
  • Text studies of current articles, historical biographies or other leadership manuscripts for further leadership understanding using practical examples

Along with personal growth and individual development, Acacia encourages deepening effectiveness in influencing others. Successful leaders adjust and contribute to the changing environment of their organizations outside of Acacia.

Ann Domsch, our housemother with more than 40 years experience in Kansas 4-H youth Development, facilitates the material.