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Individual Development Plan

Acacia’s Individual Development Plan, or the IDP, encompasses every aspect of personal growth.

Each member first assesses his current life with a personal mission statement. Fundamentally, the statement should outline what a person wants to be and do, qualities to develop, future accomplishments and potential lifetime contributions.

The next step in the IDP exercise identifies goals in four key life components: Physical, Social/Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Under the balanced approach of mind, body, soul and spirit, men will identify their goals for each account. This identifies the actions men can take on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in order to maximize their net worth in each of these accounts.

IDPs enable members to devote the most precious resource – their time – in the areas of greatest importance. These wise investments contribute to members living out their personal mission statements. Click here to find an outline of the IDP goal sheet. Also, here is a sample of a member's IDP.

Acacia at K-State is also pioneering a new national leadership program called Cornerstones. Click here to learn more.