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The Acacia Journey

Students arrive at K-State with ambition, energy and vision. Men seeking mental, social, physical and spiritual growth will be invited to enter the Acacia community. Upon being accepted as a Young Man of Acacia, the journey begins.

Through their time with Acacia, students will continue to set individual and community goals, participate in the CORE leadership program, recruit prospective members and be available for additional opportunities. They will measure success with progress in the three core values of Acacia: life-long friendships, personal growth and human service. Young Men of Acacia who are active members of the community, working to achieve their goals and participate in events become Men of Acacia.

As a member graduates from K-State, the brotherhood celebrates the most advanced stage of his life-long commitment as he progresses to begin a new phase as a Senior Man of Acacia.

Senior Men serve as mentors to younger members. Through various events hosted throughout the year, mentors interact with students to connect their experiences of the past and present to those of current Acacians.