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University Support

Acacia seeks to enrich the mission of K-State as students find community and connections, making their college experience meaningful and enjoyable.

Acacia receives support from K-State in several ways and strives to strengthen the university in return. We work closely with professors, deans and department heads who serve as speakers and presenters in our in-house leadership series called CORE, Coordinated Opportunities Resulting in Excellence. Acacia contributes leaders to academic programs, clubs, SGA, intramurals and the larger university community.

Acacia also is a part of the Greek community, supporting the work of fraternities, sororities and scholarship houses in philanthropies, community service, social functions and friendships.

Many officials from K-State believe Acacia is an excellent choice for students. Examples of this support are evident through letters from: Jon Wefald, President, Bob Krause, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, and Pat Bosco, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement.