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Joining Acacia

Acacia is interested in K-State students dedicated to life-long improvement, striving for excellence in leadership, scholarship and character. We invite members to join us throughout the year, so please contact us to learn more about ways to get involved.

The following information provides an introduction to Acacia as a marquee leadership development organization. We seek to give students a premiere living facility and innovative programming to promote the development of each individual member.

To support these goals, Acacia offers programs with an intense focus on leadership skills, academic scholarship and human service. Acacia highlights include:

  • Featuring a different approach to community living by equipping and encouraging members to enjoy freedom to decide for themselves how to best accomplish their life’s purpose
  • Participating in our leadership development series, Coordinated Opportunities Resulting in Excellence, derived from the work of John Maxwell, an international expert in the field of leadership studies, and other acclaimed professionals
  • Developing friendships with a cross-section of students from around the state and country studying in a diversity of majors
  • Partnering with campus and community organizations, including the K-State Leadership Studies and Programs Department and Lee Elementary School
  • Creating an Individual Development Plan, including a personal mission statement and outlined semester goals to provide balance for life
  • Building a pioneering mentoring relationship designed to be a lifelong tool, giving personal and professional support to individual members as they progress through Acacia
  • Dedicating time and resources to human service on campus and in the community
  • Earning scholarships for members committed to academic excellence

For more information, see our Membership Brochure and please contact: